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About Us

We are a bunch of young and highly enthusiastic people who are not afraid to work hard. Apart from being awesomely creative, we are a group of engineering graduates. We even work on sundays and may sleep in the morning after the work is done. We love bangalore but hate the city's traffic!

Our Services

Apart from working on many of our own ventures, we also help other business make their presence online by assisting them in many ways, may it be with their website or their social presence. Feel free to contact us if you thing there is anything we can do for you. Note that we may not be available at times because of the prior commitments on our venture. Below are few of the prominent things we do:

Web Developement

Get the best out of the internet with perfect websites or android apps/games backed by our strong expertise.

Social Marketing

Attracting users in facebook/twitter may not be everyone's cup of tea, therefore we suggest you to focus on your work and leave that to us.


Need a good design for your website/application, company? Our highly experienced designers may be able to assist.

Do You Have a Question ?

Want to know more about what we're working on and how can you be a part of it, or want any specific expertise regarding your advertising, marketing, web developement? Please feel free to contact us via the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.